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Marches I've Missed
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Marches I've Missed

18 famous marches never previously recorded by Frederick Fennell

Frederick Fennell

Recorded July 15, 1998 at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, TX
  1. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - Leon Jessel, arr. J. J. Morrissey
  2. March of the Steel Men - Charles S. Belsterling, arr. H. L. Alford
  3. The Gladiator - John Philip Sousa, ed. F. Byrne/J. Boyd
  4. The Footlifter - Henry Fillmore
  5. The Northern Pines - John Philip Sousa
  6. Quick March - "El Abanico" - Alfredo Javaloyes
  7. The Kilties March - Samuel E. Morris
  8. Rough Riders - Karl L. King, arr. J. Swearingen
  9. Sol y Sombra - George Gates
  10. Men of Ohio - Henry Fillmore
  11. The U.S. Air Force March - Robert Crawford
  12. Hall of Fame - Joseph Olivadoti
  13. La Banda Nascente - B. Sbraccia, ed. Fennell
  14. Band of America March - Paul LaValle
  15. Invercargill - Alex F. Lithgow, arr. L.P. Laurendeau
  16. The New Colonial March - Robert Browne Hall, ed. Fennell
  17. On the Quarter Deck - Kenneth J. Alford, ed. Fennell
  18. Chicago Tribune March - W. Paris Chambers, ed. J. Boyd

Total time: 56:01

Perhaps most remarkable is the absolute rightness of his tempo choices: One can't imagine one of these marches going even the slightest bit slower or faster. The Dallas ensemble plays superbly and the sound is phenomenal. We get the immediacy and visceral excitement of Fennell's Mercury recordings, the weight and atmosphere of the Cleveland Symphonic Wind performances on Telarc, plus a level of detail and ease of presentation that's state-of-the-art. — Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

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