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Fennell Favorites!
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Fennell Favorites!

LIVE recording!

Frederick Fennell


Recorded LIVE January 8, 1991 at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, TX

1. Bach-Hunsberger: Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor

Brahms-Guenther: Two Choral Preludes

2. "A Lovely Rose is Blooming"
3. "O God Thou Holy God"

4. Halvorsen-Fennell: Entry March of the Boyars

MacDowell-Winterbottom: Woodland Sketches

  1. "To a Wild Rose"
  2. "Will-'O-the-Wisp"
  3. "At an Old Trysting Place"
  4. "In Autumn"
  5. "From an Indian Lodge"
  6. "To a Water Lily"
  7. "From Uncle Remus"
  8. "A Deserted Farm"
  9. "By a Meadow Brook"
  10. "Told at Sunset"

Goldmark-H. Kappey: Rustic Wedding Symphony

15. Intermezzo
16. Scherzo

Prokofiev-W.J. Duthoit: The Love for Three Oranges

17. Scherzo
18. March

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