How It All Began...

Howard Dunn, Kim CampbellOne Saturday morning in the Summer of 1985, SMU Music Professor Howard Dunn was sitting in his office catching up on some paperwork when a casually dressed young man with a trombone walked in the door. "Hello, my name is Kim Campbell," said the visitor, "Can I speak with you a moment?"

Always polite, Howard nodded and gestured to a chair. Kim sat and, getting right to the point, said, "I would like to start a reading band of the finest wind and percussion players in the city, and I want you to conduct it." Howard grinned broadly and without hesitation replied, "I've been waiting for you all my life!"

Thus was born the Dallas Wind Symphony.

During the next week, Kim kept the phone lines busy recruiting musicians while Howard gathered the most challenging wind ensemble repertoire in his library. On the following Saturday, the date agreed upon by the two gentlemen, an impressive group of musicians assembled in the SMU band room and, after tuning, began to sightread Holst's First Suite in Eb for Military Band.

Most of the musicians had not played in a band since high school or college and were unfamiliar with the repertoire available to the professional windband. Their excitement at the conclusion of the session signaled Kim and Howard that their idea had great possibilities.

Future reading sessions led to performances, first at Caruth Auditorium, then all over the Metroplex and finally to the annual concert series at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Although Howard Dunn is no longer with us, his spirit combined with Kim's enthusiasm and drive are still the guiding forces of what has now become the Dallas Winds.